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Smoulder & Burn and Smoulder & Spin are two pole dance fitness workout like no other!  

Exclusive to Shemoves these pole dance workouts are super sexy, super sweaty, and so much fun! As the name suggests ... Smoulder like a seductress and feel the workout Burn to give you toning and shape.  And it's a casual class; you can join the sexy workout any time!  

Smoulder & Spin is very similar to Smoulder & Burn however is exclusively for Polemoves Beginner graduates.

Quick facts : 
Benefits : Muscle toning and shaping, fat burning, confidence building, friendship making and working out while not even realising you're working out!
Class Type : Casual workout class 
Experience required : None!
Cost : $18 casually or $75 (5 classes; valid for 6 weeks) or $130 (10 classes; valid for 10 weeks).  

Pole dance packages now available. Check out the 'Get me sexy fit now pack' for more great pole dance fitness value and free classes!

Do we learn spins/acrobatics/pole tricks in this class? No, if you want to learn the spins, join Polemoves Beginners.